… to the Protestant church community of Walldorf!


We are pleased that you are interested in our parish life. As a church community, we want to be there for the city and its people. We represent an open, unitary, pluralist and liberal theology and take an active role in the city’s public life. Take a look and learn more about us, our church services and events. Our groups and choirs are open to everyone. This page summarizes the main information in English. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at:

Mail: pfarramt@eki-walldorf.de | Phone: +49 157 – 80 52 98 01

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Our team (Dienstgruppe)

The church is managed by
Rev. Henriette Freidhof | freidhof@eki-walldorf.de
Rev. Uwe Boch | boch@eki-walldorf.de
Parish Deacon Veronika Reuter | veronika.reuter@kbz.ekiba.de

and an elected commitee of 15 honorary women and men (Kirchengemeinderat)



Church services

The service is held every Sunday at 10am in our beautiful church right at the Drehscheibe. Outside the school holidays, we offer a Sunday school at the Gemeindehaus (Schulstraße 4) at 10am. Special services are offered on Christian holidays. Please refer to the “Aktuelles” or „Gottesdiensttermine“ page for more information.



Weddings, baptism, funerals, church admission, pastoral care

For all these services, please refer to: Mail: pfarramt@eki-walldorf.de | Phone: +49 157 – 80 52 98 01



Groups and choirs

Several groups and choirs bring Christians and non-Christians, the old and the young, together. In cooperation with the “Familienzentrum” which is also located at the Gemeindehaus, we offer opportunities for young families and their kids to meet, the Sunday school is there for children up to the early teenager years, teenagers and young adults are welcome at the “EGJ”. Several groups for women, men, seniors and our choirs (vocals and wind instruments, in particular trombones) are an integral part of our colorful parish life. For more information on the groups and choirs, refer to the “Gemeindegruppen” page or get in contact with us:

Mail: pfarramt@eki-walldorf.de | Phone: +49 157 – 80 52 98 01



Current dates and events

Dates, events and weekly meetings can be found here.



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